Paleo Food List


Paleo Food List

Simply browse the intuitive categories in the app or search for a food you’re curious about and Grok the caveman will tell if the food is paleo or not.

Features of the app include:
– A food list of over 6,000 items and growing!!
– Browse the beautifully designed categories.
– Search the full database at any time.
– Intuitive design – a smiling Grok the caveman with a green tick means the food is paleo while a sad Grok with a red cross means it’s not.
– For those borderline foods we’ve added detailed information so you can decide if a food will fit your lifestyle.
– Save your favorite paleo foods to make grocery shopping that much easier.
– Tips, an FAQ and a beginners guide on the paleo diet for those just starting out. All your questions are answered here!

The Paleo diet (aka caveman diet) is a great way to improve your health. It has been around since the Paleolithic era. The diet focuses on eating nutrient-dense, whole, unprocessed foods that are easy for your body to digest.