Vea Fitness


Vea Fitness

Vea Fitness – the hottest new trend in fitness – Get rewards for your workouts!

Vea gives you monetary rewards for your runs, biking and workouts!

• Track run, walk, biking and gym
• Check in at the gym for yoga, kickboxing, classes & more
• Import all workouts from Apple Health
• Get gift cards, free gear and discounts for every workout
• See which runs your friends are doing
• GPS tracking auto-logs all your workouts and fitness data

Vea has a feed of Rewards, like “Run 3 Miles, Get 15% off new running shoes”. When you’re ready to run or bike, select a Challenge, tap “Go” and Vea tracks your distance, time, speed and calories, as well as tells you how much further you need to run to earn that reward. Or, how much time is required for that gym session.

Once you complete your workout, you can stop and you’ll see your summary. A coupon code is displayed, and the “Shop Now” button takes you right to that company’s website to use your new discount code.

Vea is social! There’s a social feed where you can see which Challenges your friends are taking and see their run / bike route. You can even take the same Challenge right there on the spot.

Vea logs all your workouts so you can look them over later and compare. All your performance data is shown visually in your profile, with month over month and week over week performance.


Vea Fitness